I'm back on my B.S. (Boring Substack) with updates on Covid life, vaccination, and my comic strip collabs with an up-and-coming young phenom.
Turns out I share a birthday week with SARS-CoV-2. Some more notes on crazy fast Covid vaccine development, plus some games and toys.
On Covid denial, "hyperfreedom," and hoping reality will stage a comeback
Some last notes on voting and democracy before… well, you know.
A bonus edition about voting in America. Fun fact: did you know that the Constitution doesn't actually grant anyone the right to vote???
I desperately want to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Some thoughts on when comfort blurs with risk. Also web design, n…
Pandemic time means having to make the same hard choice about in-person school — over and over again.
I'm tired and don't have any big ideas for you this week, just grilling tips, the debate over Boulevardier recipes, and a tiny keyboard.
All I have for you this week is a bunch of trivia-night deep cuts about presidential succession, plus Kid A is 20, and I'm healthy enough to drink agai…
Getting over the 'crisis wall', and how Transformers introduced me to pandemics
Days 190-192: I miss walking around alone in cities, but cities — like the rest of our public spaces — aren't what they once were.
Day 185 — These silly delights have silly ends. I approach a video game milestone, plus what I'm watching and drinking this week.