Hi, I’m David.

If this were a professional bio, for a newsletter about a topic, I’d open by saying I am the product manager for Google Fonts — a web site operated by Google, where you can find, um, fonts — and have been a web designer, programmer, and ⚡️ Thought Leader ⚡️ since the mid-1990s.

This newsletter is not about a topic, so it’s better to say: I am an elder Millennial who lives in New Jersey, with a habit of using my 6-year-old’s afternoon ‘quiet time’ on Sundays to jot down some thoughts and recommendations and send them to friends and strangers. It’s possible I do this primarily because I really like typing.

This is a newsletter about nothing

I am one of those dorks who had a really hard time picking a major in college, and never really grew out of it. Even now, at almost 40, I have a real discomfort with committing to any particular interest, craft, hobby, job role, notes app, backpack…

That’s to say: whereas some newsletters promise to give you news and commentary on a particular, salient topic, I promise to give you deep thoughts and impressions about a whole heaping pile of possibly-bullshit topics:

Each issue includes notes on what I’m watching, reading, and drinking. I promise at least one cocktail recipe per week.

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Notes about whatever's living rent-free in my head — usually internet culture, tech, or business related, but sometimes Disney parks, keyboards, etc. Started as a self-indulgent Covid-era diary, now we here.


Unicorn. 💼 Product lead for @googlefonts. Ex-product lead for @adobefonts ✍🏻 Wrote Git For Humans (@abookapart)